The 10 Best Natural Remedies for Fatigue

There are several reasons an individual experiences fatigue.  Most of the time there are multiple contributors to the feeling of fatigue and no one natural remedy is the magic bullet to fix fatigue for each person.  You may feel like you need an energy boost or perhaps you are tired and wired. Perhaps you are something in between and could use an herbal remedy or two to help you find your balance.  

We examined some of the best adaptogenic herbs on the market. These herbs are amazing allies for when you’re experiencing fatigue either acute or chronic.  Many of them work across multiple systems of the body and are an excellent option if you are not actually sure what your root cause of fatigue truly is. In addition to helping with fatigue, adaptogens help you to deal with stress, build resilience, digest your food, and fight off ailments by boosting your immune system.  

It appears as though these plants are beneficial for more than just individuals with chronic fatigue. These plants have the power to help everyone.  

To Boost Your Energy 

If you’re fatigued, chances are you’re in search of a pick me up. Coffee all day and all afternoon is likely not a great option for you. Sure one cup of coffee is okay but if you’re experiencing chronic fatigue you may be reaching for your 3rd or 4th cup of coffee right now.  That jittery feeling is right around the corner and chances are so is a crash. Thankfully there are several fantastic natural remedies for fatigue that have the ability to boost your energy like coffee but without the antsy feelings. 


Rhodiola is a mood enhancer and a natural antidepressant.  We know that St. John’s Wort got a lot of press but Rhodiola should really shine here.  Rhodiola also boosts energy and helps to reduce pain. It is a powerhouse for the modern ailments- pain depression, autoimmune conditions and more. It is really indicated with your fatigue is accompanied by some lethargy and depression and you feel stuck in the mud.  If you’re lacking in energy because you’re depressed and as a result can’t exercise and lacking in more energy, then head out to the store and snatch up some Rhodiola immediately. This powerful plant ally helps to break us out of these types of cycles.  


Eleuthero also known as Siberian Ginseng is a fantastic plant to turn to if you are in need of some adrenal support, are experiencing mental fatigue, and need some help with your immune system both acutely and chronically.  You know that type of depression you feel just before during and after the flu? Your immune system is taking its time working for you and need a little pick me up. That’s when you should turn to Eleuthero. Eleuthero also works wonders for when depression has been lingering for far too long and as a result, you’re having a hard time concentrating.  This nootropic plant can help with this state as well.    

American Ginseng 

American Ginseng is a powerful adaptogenic plant in high demand. Taking the root of this plant can change your life both acutely and long term.  In China, American Ginseng has been used as a remedy for thousands of years. People love it for the boost in energy, libido, and mental clarity.  American ginseng also brings about a better mood and more stamina. So if you are starting to feel like fatigue is getting in the way of your ability to not only perform at work but experience joy and experience the joyful company of friends and family, try American Ginseng.  

Maca Powder 

Maca powder is an adaptogen with a sweet and caramelly taste. It is famously used to improve libido for both men and women. The root when ground up makes a convenient addition to your favorite recipes including your favorite smoothies.  We love including maca powder in an energy ball remedy: stir together your favorite nut or seed butter, maca powder, cocoa, and honey. Form into balls then rolls into cocoa powder or seeds. These energy balls are a delicious grab and go for when you’re in need of a late afternoon energy boost.  

Calming Energy

Sometimes ramping up our nervous system to create more energy is not the right way to go to find energy. Sometimes our bodies are far too overly stimulated and really need something calming which actually has the right kind of effect. The following herbs are just such remedies.

Holy Basil 

Holy Basil is like giving yourself a hug with a natural remedy. Are you feeling like your mind is flitting from one thing to the next like a hummingbird?  Like you are always several days away from meeting your deadline that was actually due yesterday now that you come to think of it? That’s when it’s time to try holy basil.  Holy basil is like having a chill mentor by your side. If you are pushing yourself and are wired yet tired, try holy basil. It takes the edge off and because it’s a member of the mint family it helps with mental clarity as well. The best part is because this is not a stimulant you can take holy basil for a while.  


Reishi is kind of a magic mushroom but without the outright “trippy” feeling.  This “immortal” mushroom is a powerhouse that is really quite rare. Its mycelia is only found in one in every 10,000 trees which is likely why the Chinese nicknamed this mushroom the “good omen” mushroom. Luckily, it is easy to cultivate reishi and there are fantastic sources of this on the market today.  Like a walk in the woods, a cup of reishi tea has the power to instantly focus you and relax you while simultaneously invigorating you from the exercise. Everyone benefits from the power of the woods and so everyone benefits from reishi. Reishi is especially indicated for individuals who would benefit from some lung support as well as immune support.  

Lemon Balm 

Lemon Balm is an incredible plant in the mint family. Growing a bit like a weed if you love lemon balm why not try growing it in an herb garden on a container.  It’s a great plant to use fresh. Lemon balm is another one of our favorite calming yet uplifting plants and is a great ally for individuals with an overactive thyroid and adrenal fatigue.  It works well if taken every day for a period of about 2 to 4 weeks but is safe enough to take daily and long-term. Try tincturing the fresh plant yourself or making a delicious tea. Some people find lemon balm to be extremely relaxing and if this is you, you might want to use lemon balm at night as part of a relaxation blend.   


Catnip is not just a plant used to seduce cats and drive them a little crazy. Though, it is a fantastic plant for cats who are seemingly stressed.  First and foremost catnip is a fantastic plant for individuals who have digestive distress- the type that is brought about by nervous energy, anxiety, and good old fashioned work deadlines. If you find yourself getting butterflies in your stomach and having issues using the bathroom, add catnip.  This kind of approach to healing is what we call a “root cause” approach to wellness. Getting to the bottom of your root cause for low energy and fatigue is going to turn into lasting change.  

For the Perfect Balance  


Ashwagandha is great for almost everyone. Though the jury is still out for individuals taking SNRIs and with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  If you feel like stress is your root cause for chronic fatigue then you’re going to love taking ashwagandha. It is an adaptogen and an immune booster and has the power to energize you as well as calm you.  Plant medicine is different from pharmaceutical medicine because you use the plant itself not an isolated compound of the plant. This level of complexity means that the remedy tends to works on overall body systems rather than for one isolated purpose.   If you need to turn your life around and are not sure where to start, start with ashwagandha root. 


Schisandra or “five flavor herb” is a great alternative to ashwagandha and is perfect for individuals who are stressed and feeling distressed in the gut and in their immune system. Individuals with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue may like to try Schisandra. The plant has a very potent taste and is certainly not everyone’s favorite herb.  Some say you even love it or you hate it. We say give the Schisandra glycerite a try before giving up on this herb entirely. Or tyr mixing it into some juice.