It takes understanding to deal.

Pain is a hardwired response to bodily danger. Like fear, it's a useful alert. But as pain continues can leave us disoriented and drained. Against these adversaries, understanding what's causing your pain and how to address underlying issues is crucially important.

20 Facts About Fatigue

Everyone knows what it is to be tired, but not everyone knows what chronic fatigue is like. Even those who feel consistently tired might not be experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome (more on that later). Most people suffer from sleep disorders at least temporarily, and some people have long-term issues with sleeping. Fortunately, there are many, […]

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Is Fibromyalgia Real?

Constant, dull aching all over your body. Sleeping for long stretches and waking up exhausted. Stiffness and throbbing. Sadness or irritation that you can’t seem to shake. Grogginess, confusion, and forgetfulness. Taken individually, each of these life-impairing symptoms could have many causes. Taken altogether, these symptoms paint a single picture: fibromyalgia. Harvard Health reports that […]

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50 Amazing Pain Facts

Right now, scientists are scrambling to uncover new ways to approach the treatment of pain and in the process have uncovered some rather astounding facts about pain in people and in other animals. Female and male mice experience pain totally differently and it’s likely no coincidence that our species also reports different experiences based on […]

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