9 Natural Remedies For Nerve Pain

The time has come to find some natural alternative remedies for nerve pain.  We are no strangers to the experience of nerve pain and understand that this pain can be crippling.  It is certainly no fun, and when you’re going through it there’s no greater priority than killing the pain.  After a while, though synthetic opiates cut out and you will likely feel the need to take a greater and higher dose.  Not only that but they may not even work to combat this type of pain. The question is are there actually natural remedies that can begin to tackle pain like this? There are.  

These natural remedies are very effective at reducing inflammation, modulating your immune system, and filling the gap so that your nerves can recover and in some cases regenerate. You don’t need to get stuck in the opiate track.  Over time these natural solutions may be more effective and for longer. Take a look at our favorite natural remedies for nerve pain. 

CBD with THC when possible 

If you are looking for the best natural remedy for nerve pain you may want to investigate medical marijuana.  For those without this option, another great option is a full-spectrum CBD oil with THC. The trace amount of THC (which isn’t a high enough dose to create a psychoactive response) helps to create the entourage effect for maximum therapeutic benefits which activates the endocannabinoid system.  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system of endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptor sites located all over our body including our nervous system. Full-spectrum CBD contains a wide range of therapeutic compounds that help to minimize and potentially even eliminate nerve pain.  

The jury is still out as to why this works or when this works but the key appears to be on its modulatory effects.  In other words, our endocannabinoid system helps to bring us back into homeostasis. This means that inflammation goes down and decreases the experience of pain.  It can also mean that individuals sleep better, have better control over their appetites, feel less stressed, see depression lift and even experience regeneration in the hippocampal region of their brain.  So, it appears as though it is worth giving CBD a try. Don’t let the arguments keep you from contacting relief thanks to this powerful supplement. Do find a great brand of CBD that you trust.  


Curcuma longa AKA turmeric is a culinary and medicinal spice with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This warming spice has become a sensational herbal remedy for many reasons. Turmeric not only helps to lower inflammation but also aids in digestion, warms stiff joints that are a result of rheumatoid arthritis, reduced menstrual cramping and you guessed it, helps to alleviate nerve pain. There’s even some evidence that turmeric acts as a gentle antidepressant.  We can see why it’s golden color is both brightening and warming.  

When it comes to nerve pain turmeric shines because of its simultaneous action on the brain and central nervous system.  Turmeric actually helps promote the growth of brain-derived neurotrophic factors- a protein responsible for powering the brain’s memory helping you to learn. Without it, our hippocampus begins to shrivel up and shrink in physical size.  This leads to depression and unhappiness that can actually keep you in a state of chronic pain. Turmeric helps to break up this state of mind. Additionally, its warming action keeps pain like trigeminal neuralgia at bay. We recommend starting and finishing your day with some turmeric tea.  It’s that effective for your wellbeing. 


When it comes to coughs colds and cases of flu, many people know to turn to elderberry.  But there’s so much more to this plant than just the syrup that you purchase in the health food store. Elder has been used as an antiviral across the globe for thousands of years.  Elderflower makes fantastic champagne and cordial. The berries are terrific as wine or as jam. The list goes on. More importantly, Elder is also an amazing remedy for even the most horrific trigeminal neuralgia.  

The issue with this remedy is that nobody knows about it. We think because there is less of a market for the tincture of elderberry than there is for the syrup.  But the tincture preparation in alcohol is what you will need to make this remedy work. Most people mix about an ounce of the tincture into a half a glass of wine to feel the benefits of this remedy. You can drink this daily until the pain subsides and then will only need the occasional glass to fight off flare-ups. You may have a difficult time finding enough of this remedy on the market so we recommend trying your hand at making your own remedy.  It may sound complicated but really it is not. Simply add the elderberries (fresh or dry) into a jar of vodka. Shake the jar daily for one month and then strain out the berries. You will have enough of the remedy to last you a year. If you are tired of your nerve pain then why not give this a try. 

Nutrient Supplementation 

We’re all suffering from a phytonutrient gap.  Our diets, surgeries, medications, and environmental toxins all contribute to this phytonutrient gap.  While each individual is different and therefore in need of their own unique set of supplements there are a few supplements that are an absolute go-to for individuals experiencing nerve pain. Take a look at our go-to list.

B Complex 

B Vitamins are getting a lot of attention these days.  Mainly because many people are deficient for one reason or another.  It could be due to a genetic factor or a vegetarian diet. Individuals with genetic variants such as MTHFR may want to consider B supplementation (in fact these variations could be the root cause of the nerve pain).  Sublingual B-12 is a good option for individuals who have difficulty converting their B12. In general, a B complex is a good place to start. 

Omegas including Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil 

These nutritional oils are getting a lot of attention for their incredible modulatory effects.  They reduce depression, balance hormones, and lubricate the nervous system keeping nerve pain tamed.  It’s important to make these omegas part of a daily routine. They’re also anti-inflammatory and help reduce full-body pain.  

Multimineral (Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium, Selenim) 

Minerals are what we get from foods that grow deep into the soil. Though if you know anything about what’s happening with or soil right now you’ll know that deficiency is a high possibility.  Magnesium has shown to reduce nerve pain and relax the body. We love the combination of selenium, iodine, potassium, and zinc along with magnesium especially if your adrenals feel shot from a ton of stress and if you have a low thyroid that is magnifying the effects of this.  


There’s nothing quite like a great multivitamin and we love Designs for Health Complete Multi.  You’ll get all of the vitamins we mentioned above including a whole host of other beneficial flavanoids that the body needs.  So, if you’re running low on funds and want to invest in just one supplement, a complete multivitamin like the brand we listed above is a great option. 

Infused Bone Broth

If you eat meat, you may want to consider drinking a couple of ounces of an infused bone broth.  You can gently heat your bone broth in a slow cooker and add in dried nettles, seaweed, calendula flowers, oat straw, reishi, and astragalus root.  If you infuse these together then freeze the broth into ice cube trays you’ll be set for a month. Alternatively, you can infuse the herbs in water for 72 hours and freeze that broth into ice cube trays then mix those cubes into a bone broth.  We love the ritual and the bioavailability of the infused herbs. If you enjoy the  

Garden Sage 

Our final pick is garden sage. Yes, the culinary herb that you can grow in a well-drained pot or pick up from the grocery store! This incredible herb is in the mint family making it a powerful herb for is action on your sense of smell.  Its action on the olfactory system that makes this herb is a great cognitive enhancer. You can take sage internally to help boost brain function and here’s the best part for those of you in pain. Sage contains an active compound known as salveigenin that works like morphine.  There’s also an antinociceptive effect meaning the physical “shocks” from pain may be diminished. Additionally, sage reduces inflammation in the body causing a significant reduction in pain felt all over the body. Who knew this little garden herb could do so much? 

Runner Up: Milky Oats.  Milky oats are trophorestorative to the entire nervous system.