The 20 Best CBD Products For Pain And Inflammation

There are many variables that effect pain including the impact of the pain as well as the duration.  We feel pain thanks to nocireceptors on the end of our nerves. This type of felt pain is a good thing! It’s how we signal the brain to avoid doing that again.   While pain is a necessary […]

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5 Techniques For Dealing With Nerve Pain

If you’re dealing with nerve pain, you’re likely used to pain without a specific explanation or solution. This can be very alienating, but keep in mind: approximately 40 million Americans are dealing with the same issue. Nerve pain can be caused by cancer, HIV, diabetes, shingles, trauma, toxins, vitamin deficiencies, Lyme disease, and much more. […]

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What are Nerve Endings?

Your nervous system is incredibly complex, with billions of extremely specialized nerve cells. Nerve cells receive input from the outside world, from the beauty of a sunset to the pain of a stubbed toe. Nerves also process information within the body and transmit signals to create action, causing you to lift your head and gaze […]

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What is Nerve Pain?

When we think of pain, injury and illness come to mind. But nerve pain is different. The causes, experiences, and treatment of nerve pain are distinct from the familiar pain resulting from skinned knees or headaches. Nerve pain can be confusing and can have serious negative impacts on your well-being and quality of life, especially […]

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