20 Facts About Fatigue

Everyone knows what it is to be tired, but not everyone knows what chronic fatigue is like. Even those who feel consistently tired might not be experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome (more on that later). Most people suffer from sleep disorders at least temporarily, and some people have long-term issues with sleeping. Fortunately, there are many, […]

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The 5 Best Products For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is as common as it is unwelcome. There are lots of causes of shoulder pain, some minor (such as strains or stress knots), some serious (such as a broken collarbone). Shoulder pain may require a medical intervention, such as physical therapy, corticosteroid shots, or even surgery. But garden-variety issues can often be treated […]

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Is Fibromyalgia Real?

Constant, dull aching all over your body. Sleeping for long stretches and waking up exhausted. Stiffness and throbbing. Sadness or irritation that you can’t seem to shake. Grogginess, confusion, and forgetfulness. Taken individually, each of these life-impairing symptoms could have many causes. Taken altogether, these symptoms paint a single picture: fibromyalgia. Harvard Health reports that […]

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17 Common Headache Types (With Illustrations)

Headaches are a common type of pain that may come about for countless reasons.  You can more effectively relieve a headache if you know its origin. For many people, this is the greatest mystery surrounding their headache but tracking symptoms can often lead to clues that help you recognize when a headache is about to […]

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5 Best Techniques For Stopping Headaches

Are you looking for some great techniques to stop headaches fast? We got you covered. Headaches can sneak up on you and what is more often the case, gradually build throughout your day. We all experience headaches so this is not unusual. The good news is that there are fantastic and oftentimes free ways to […]

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